Foundations. 2019-2020

The series Foundations emerges as a derivation of creative processes that resulted in series such as Alive, Gunshot and Conquistadores, all of them with a common element (the trace of a bullet) and topics of interest such as violence, war and power.

The founding of nations has always been linked to violence. Human beings seem to ignore any other form of acting but destruction, death and war. Our civilization has always been founded on force and conquest.

Constructions that are monuments to power where once or perhaps still today ruling is exercised emerge as traces in history. The Reichstag, the White House or the Kremlin are or were power centers cherished and respected by their political meaning. These and other constructions are witnesses of human history, of its achievements and mishaps, of good and evil. The emergence of nations is and apparently will continue to be violent.

With this series I intend to construct an allegorical visual memory in the style of short stories, about how power has been constructed and established. The use of the missile as symbol and work instrument becomes an intellectual weapon for my work, and its use as a scourge in my work process becomes a metaphor of a feeling of someone else’s guilt for belonging to the same agressive (human) race.